In 2016 Kerry Rego, a social media specialist, educator and author sat down for an interview to talk about her experiences 20 years ago when she and her family desperately needed services provided by Social Advocates for Youth (S.A.Y.) in Santa Rosa, California.

In this 6-minute video, Ms. Rego tells her story of how as a high school senior she had found herself in a dangerous situation and how S.A.Y. played an important role in getting her life back on track.

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Two former gang members decide to endure the painful process of removing tattoos they both once wore with pride.

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During the first two months of 2013, I photographed and recorded interviews of Matt Lytle, 22, Asia Dumlao-Galang, 19 and Ki Gusse, 17 all who offered intimate details about their experiences of being homeless. The resulting video offers some insight into the enormous challenges facing young individuals who have no where to go but the streets.

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Sea Ranch, California

Musical Maycie

A blind girl's life in a children's orchestra.

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